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Analysys.h++       (Rogue Wave Software GmbH)
Analitics.H++ is an ideal solution for development teams building custom, in-house applications that perform sophisticated data analysis for business intelligence.

Rogue Wave Bobcat       (Rogue Wave Software GmbH)
Rogue Wave Bobcat solves the C++ developer's dilemma, providing a better way of integrating C++ with the Web than using JNI or CGI. Rogue Wave Bobcat enables development teams to create high-performance Web applications and offers a simple way to integrate ...

Rogue Wave Stingray Studio       (Rogue Wave Software GmbH)
Rogue Wave Stingray Studio offers higher-level GUI components for ease of use, shortening development time and making it easier to develop and maintain GUI applications over time. Rogue Wave Stingray Studio provides the graphical components needed to mimic ...

SourcePro Analysis       (Rogue Wave Software GmbH)
SourcePro Analysis is our solution for object-oriented business and scientific analysis, containing a wide range of C++ classes used to solve specialized mathematical problems in business and research.

SourcePro Core       (Rogue Wave Software GmbH)
SourcePro Core contains fundamental components for C++ programming and helps simplify the complexities of working with XML, allowing developers to create C++ applications that easily move data from C++ objects to XML that can be shared with diverse systems ...

SourcePro DB       (Rogue Wave Software GmbH)
SourcePro DB is our complete solution for object-oriented database access in C++, allowing developers to write programs that are reusable with databases from various vendors and freeing them from having to understand many of the details associated with a p ...

SourcePro Net       (Rogue Wave Software GmbH)
SourcePro Net allows development teams to create secure or non-secure object-oriented networking and Internet-enabled applications, simplifying development by handling the granular details. SourcePro Net also helps facilitate the use of existing C++ knowle ...

Tools.h++       (Rogue Wave Software GmbH)
build a solid foundation for your C++ applications with more than 130 fundamental building blocks such as string, collection, date and time, internationalization, and streaming classes